It was a typical August afternoon in beautiful Halifax. We were of course adventuring to find secret shoot locations in Nova Scotia for weddings and commercial shoots. It is very normal for us to be observing everything at all times while driving, and boy am I glad we did. While driving to Lawrencetown Beach, we spotted one fine piece of VW history. It was white, sitting there against a white building with orange highlights and green accents. This colour combo made us to aggressively do a U-Turn in a Tim's parking lot. We pulled into a COSMO prof parking lot, and decided we were going to have a little shoot with the historical vehicle. I knew time travel was possible because we felt that this van had stories to tell and we knew they were all pure and adventurous. The closer we got to it the more we felt its need to get on the road and explore. We spent maybe 30 minutes with it and these are some of the photos from this little pit stop. Where ever you are VW Bus, we hope your trip counter is spinning, wheels turning, and engine revving. Cheers to a classic.

to see a VW bus is to witness adventure in three dimensions, past, present and future

Daniel Drzymalski