Sincerely with love...

😘 Sending love and kisses to all the beautiful couples from Texas who we had the pleasure of capturing.

🥰 *Disclaimer this post is directly from the heart 💖

We have to say when we moved to Texas we did not know what to expect. We decided to take a chance, follow our hearts and the sunshine. We’re glad we did because it led us to one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Far more beautiful than the stunning landscapes and architecture was the people. Although we had no family in Texas it still felt like home. 🏡

We were welcomed by everyone we met and got to see first hand that southern hospitality is definitely REAL! As warm as the Texas sun gets it did not compare to the warmth found in the hearts of the people we met. Whether we were passing by a “stranger” in the grocery store or a guest at a wedding we captured, the experience was always filled with smiles and kindness. 🤗🤗🤗 This message is to all of those we were blessed to cross paths with, you have impacted our lives in more ways than we can express. A big THANK YOU from the heart.

Since we got accustomed to running into great people every time we left our doorstep, the natural decision when moving back to Canada was to call the East Coast our new home⚓. It’s also a place known for it’s kind people. We’ve only been here, 6 months now but can say that it has lived up to its reputation. We have already had the pleasure of capturing weddings and engagements of some really amazing people in Nova Scotia and PEI. 💖

We are so excited for what’s to come, and are so thankful for the experiences we were blessed to have.😘😘😘