Exploring Nova scotia

Nothing better than to getting lost in a corn maze and apple picking at Noggins Farms in Nova Scotia on a beautiful autumn day. Within the wonderful Nova Scotia valley near Wolfville's downtown sits a well maintained, large, and inviting farm - Noggins Corner Farm Market.

Before all the apple picking started we decided to get lost in a corn maze. This is our first time in a real corn maze, and it was fun. Noggins Farms added challenges within the maze, for instance, they provided a word search with clues hidden within the maze at checkpoints. Find all the checkpoints and you have your word at the exit. Like all our adventures, we get lost in taking more photos than humanly possible.

As you can see above, we got map with some challenges in it. Just before you enter the corn maze at Noggins Farms you are met by a large outline of the maze with the challenge marks listed on the map. As soon as we got in Hoda went a little bananas because of her need to be around nature, and this nature produces one of her favourite foods - roasted corn on the cob. On this trip we brought our trusty Ricoh GR II camera for those wondering what we shot with. It has been a wonder to work with and probably Daniel's most adored camera. Next up the rest of the corn maze photos and the start of the apple picking!

apple pie goals

There was intent to this adventure into the orchard. Homemade apple pie's and apple crumble. We purchased one the of large bags, and picked all kinds of different types - Gala, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Spy, and Cortland. We had a blast that afternoon, we will be back next year and hope to make it an annual tradition.

Delicious apple crumble