Our Belief

We have lived our lives thus far, and can conclude the importance, the weight, and severity of love. It is what drives our soul, it is our fuel and it clearly doesn't matter what we love, we understand that we must, simply, love. Love is the foundation of our photography brand. We document candid moments in serene, exotic, and simple environments where you feel the most connected. Is there a better way to display love, forever?  

Who is Daniel? //

Daniel is a calm soul with a thirst for travel, a passion for photography, and a loving husband. He loves cycling, music, food, and really likes a good cup of coffee. He loves to laugh, enjoys smelling a sea breeze, and a well-paved winding road along the coast. We believe that when the day comes for robotic implants, Daniel will be splurging for a camera built into hand, or maybe if he’s lucky right into his eye.

Who is Hoda?

Hoda is beautiful inside and out. Intelligent, creative, caring, and loves food! The garden and all her herbs is always just too far away. She is passionate about life’s little details like the smell of basil on her finger tips or trips to Home Depot. Let’s not forget her past life as a mermaid. If she wasn’t married to Daniel her second choice would be the ocean, or any large body of water. The best way her personality can be described is a floating feather in a gentle wind, illuminated by the summer glow of a warm sun.

Our Promise

We take quality very seriously at Monarch Hill Photography. Our clients experience should be relaxing, fun, and special. We take pride in our work and that is why we limit the number of weddings we book annually to 10-15. This gives us the best opportunity to truly focus on you and give you the best Monarch Hill experience.


Monica & Greg

“Daniel and Hoda were amazing and I hope this review can guide anyone looking for a great team to work with during their wedding. When we first reached out to Monarch Hill, they responded immediately and frequently to address the concerns we had about choosing our photographers. We are not comfortable in front of the camera we wanted our photographer to help us break out of our shells and capture who we really are. Our expectations were blown away!”

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